Amazing 6-in-1 Pen
Amazing 6-in-1 Pen
Amazing 6-in-1 Pen
Amazing 6-in-1 Pen

Amazing 6-in-1 Pen

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The Amazing Pen with a half a dozen functions!

What else would you look for when everything you want is already in this pen? This Amazing 6-in-1 Pen has the coolest metallic style, ergonomic design and amazing functions. Every component, from bottom to tips, has a specific function that will sweep you away. It has a refillable ballpoint which is great for writing. It also functions as a stylus pen that allows you to draw and compose anything on your tablet or phone screen with absolute ease. Not only that, this Amazing 6-in-1 Pen can also be used as a ruler whenever you need one at school or office. 

Need to fix something? You can use this pen as a screwdriver! Need to install frames on the wall? The spirit level will help you in getting a straight alignment. No hassle.When it comes to function, this Amazing 6-in-1 Pen has them all!

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Type: Ballpoint Pen
Writing Point: 0.3mm
Use: Office & School Pen
Material: Metal
Erasable Or Not: No
Novelty: Yes
Material: Plastic
Size: 15 cm
Ink Color: Black, Silver